Web Developer


Any one who is interested to we application, can join this online training course of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax and become a UI developer. By the end of course you will able to create Facebook & Flipkart dynamic web pages. Hurry up Enroll Now.

Web Developer Course Syllabus

Day 1. HTML - What is web designing ?

  • What is HTML
  • What is CSS
  • Designer - Role of Photoshop in web designing
  • PSDs vs JPGs
  • Browser inspect element
  • Project Setup in your local computer

Day 2. To Day 4. HTML in Deep Details

  • HTML - Detailed Introduction
  • HTML5 - Writing our first HTML page(Yeh Coding!!!)
  • HTML5 - Tags
  • HTML5 - Inline & Block level tags
  • HTML5 - Attributes - class - id
  • HTML5 - Advanced tags
  • HTML5 - Header,Footer and Main Content

Day 5. How to design page layout(Most important part)

  • Visualizing in our mind(if this is clear you can design any website)
  • Mastering the skill of visualizing the components of webpage in mind
  • Converting Design to HTML
  • Design to HTML - Masterclass

Day 6. To Day 10. CSS in Deep Details

  • CSS - What is css and why it is required
  • CSS3 - Types of stylesheets Inline Vs Internal Vs External
  • CSS3 - Selectors id vs class
  • CSS3 - properties
  • CSS3 - Pseudo class

Day 11. JavaScript

  • JavaScript Introduction
  • JavaScript Events
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Implementation

Day 21. OnwardsJQuery + Ajax

  • Jquery Introduction
  • Jquery CDN Library use and Evemt Implementation
  • Ajax HTTP Calls to fetach data from API's

What you will create ?

We will create Facebook and Flipkart website template in this course from scratch

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